Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sketching In Wisbech

Took my small Canson journal with me to Wisbech recently and managed to fill a couple of pages with quick, lead-free, sketches.

I'm a bit of a macro girl, looking through my sketchbooks recently confirmed that to me, so I am trying to widen my view a little and fit more into my plein air, lead-free sketches rather than focusing on a single item.
The Close to Home project has spread my wings and street scenes feels like natural progression to me. I'm often asked if I have sketches of a certain location and, I do, but in bits and pieces...not as a whole or a picture you could frame.

Hmmm...Do I see a 2009 project evolving here!


Deborah said...

I am a macro girl as well. Maybe I will follow your lead and try to see more of the whole picture, but Im not making any promises. These two sketches are lovely. I really like the way you did the trees, I always try to simplify all those leaves.

Margaret Ann said...

LOL...and a fun new project indeed it will be...:)

Rick said...

Very good. Very nice "Macro girl." You got talent.

P.S. This was a lead-free comment.