Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cafe Sketches

Another double spread in my small Canson from my day trip to Wisbech. This time from the supermarket cafe while sipping on a latte.


Anonymous said...

These sketches really capture the moment, don't they?

Timaree said...

Like your sketches. Did you do the color on the spot too?

I'd have to order an extra, extra large latte in order to sip and draw, sip and draw and get all this done, lol!

My granddaughter has challenged me to draw a fairy which I am working on (I haven't drawn people before). I think when I see her next I will tell her about the fairy cakes I saw here on your blog and help her make some!

Anetka said...

I enjoy your "Cafe Sketches":) and I really like your Autumn Sketch Gold'n'Brown!!!

Val Cox said...

I'm loving reading through your sketchbooks, wonderful work! Val

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

As I dont know if you go back to earlier posts to see comments, I'll make mine for the Wisbech as well as cafe sketches here. In other words I think it a great idea to start creating more 'landscapy' street scenes. Quite a challenge though to get so much down. You'll have to park up for longer I guess. Really interesting and look forward to seeing number one.

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Barbara...Yes, I think they do.

Freebird, yes I took a few coloured pencils with me.
Good luck with your fairy, try the posemaniacs website for figure help.

Thanks Anetka.

Hi Val, thanks for stopping by and commenting, glad you enjoyed your visit.

Joan so far the street scenes have taken roughly the same amount of time as the sketches I usually do. I guess this is because when you are closer to a subject you see more detail, stepping back encourages gestured marks rather than detailed accuracy...which I believe is why they average out about the same amount of time. It'll be a good project for me, widen my view, stop me being fussy and a great lesson in perpsective no doubt. LOL!

Anita Davies said...

perpsective ?
I mean perspective, of course!
It's late and I haven't had a coffee for at least 40 mins...That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! LOL!