Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Close To Home - Benwick

'Rose Cottage', Lilyholt Road, Benwick

I think my reasons for choosing to paint Rose Cottage are obvious from the painting, such character with it's uneven structure and rose laden trellis.


Joan said...

These last two cottages have such personality. Lovely!!

Claudia said...

So beautiful and well painted! Love it, especially the tiny rose near the entrance!

Robyn said...

This little cottage is delightful, Anita. Such a lovely project. How many have you completed so far?

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Joan!

Thanks Claudia, apparently I missed the roses in full bloom which are supposed to look fantastic but I kind of like the fact that only one remains in this sketch too!

Robyn, I was aiming at 12 from each village (36 total) but our poor Summer has brought my aim down to 30 (10 of each)...I have just finished #22. Today is a beautiful day...perfect for sketching, and I am home looking after Harry who has chicken pox!
Seems a thousand things have come between me and this project but I'm determined...I will have it finished by Novemebr and I will have that book published too....Even if it kills me, which it probably will! LOL!

freebird said...

You have such interesting buildings to paint where you live. This looks like a fairy tale cottage to me. It's wonderful.

Serena said...

So quaint and pretty....lovely sketch, Anita!