Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sanity In A Can

Why do flies insist on circling your head at a distance of two millimetres, stopping only to land on your nose? You'd think they would spend their time flying through the huge vacant spaces between rooms freely without risk of being attacked by rolled newspapers wouldn't you?
Oh no!
After several nights of harassment, that drove me quite literally to the point of self destruction, I purchased revenge...two cans...and now, late at night when the windows and doors have been sealed, I pace the floors Lara Croft style with my double barrelled spray cans.


Unknown said...

That is so funny! I live with the windows open. It is how I was reared as a child in the Southern U.S.
Now, I am in the North, and not many bugs inside.
(Third floor apartment living?)
But I remember the flies of my childhood. Would catch them and put them in jars with holes and feed them. Make more flies.
They must love your Sugar! Since they come to you.

Joan said...

Anita, I'm picturing you sitting against the wall with a can in each hand!!! They don't stand a chance!

Margaret Ann said...

Hilarious! Now that I am in the midwest I am having my encounters with those flying annoyances too...Lara Croft...a great analogy! WooHoo! LOL :)

kazumiwannabe said...

Fun post! Love the drawing too, these items look good drawn by you!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Dont agree Joan - they do stand a great chance in our household. We only get flies in the utility room where we have the cats food out. So I purchased a special FLY KILLER BOX at great expense rather than a spray can which I thought might be dangerous to the cats if it landed on their food. ..BUT ITS USELESS!!!! Afraid it means the old spray exterminator next time I go shopping. Glad to say Nitsa, we dont get as many insects here in our new area compared with the Fens.

Hi I'm Laurie... said...

LOL!...I feel your pain!