Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bargain Toys

A quick sketch of my recent toy bargains; A wheel barrow for Ellie that cost me just 50 pence at the recent Rose Fair and a mini remote controlled skate boarder for Harry that cost me just £1.74 at Tesco supermarket on Saturday.
Ellie is still a little young to take advantage of her gift but Harry loves the little skate boarder and can already make it do stunts...which is more than I can say for his Mother!


Jenny said...

Anita, be honest. The children are an excuse for buying toys at a bargain price! You really found some neat things. The wheel barrow looks like a perfect place to stash toys.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hi Nitsa - the girls and I are looking at the posts of my wonderful favourite friend and immediately Leyonie said the drawing of the boy on the skateboard WAS HARRY!!! 'When are we going to see Harry again', she asked. So I could reply 'once you and mummy have moved here to Norwich area, we can meet up when you and Harry visit' - great isnt it. ??? Leyonie says Harry wont recognize her as she has much shorter hair and looks much more grown up at nearly aged 10 (come September).