Sunday, August 17, 2008

Finally Finished

25 August 2007 - Ducks along the river in Ely

I started my very first pocket watercolour moleskine back in August 2007 with a quick sketch of ducks along the riverside in Ely. I remember being anxious to try the paper out, so it's quite ironic that I never actually got around to adding watercolour to the first sketch!

I did add watercolour to the pages that followed and we even went on a trip to Cambridge together.

Over the next few months I tried out many sketchbooks, searching, sketching and building up quite a stock pile. During this time my little moleskine got forgotten. I found it again back in June this year and decided it was high time I completed it. I enjoyed it's format so much that I started another small moleskine for my food project 'Nibbles & Notes' through July and added to it in between.

On 7 August I finally finished it, completing a quick page of lead-free sketching dedicated to Van Gogh.

3 August 2008 - Ellie's foot

You can view the finished moleskine in it's entirety on my Flickr Set HERE.

7 August 2008 - Dedication to Van Gogh


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Anita your lead free stuff is fabulous... Great duck sketches. I find it interesting that you started a journal and then 'lost' it??? Could you be as disorganized as me?... Nah couldn't be. LOL

Anita Davies said...

Forgotten not lost Elaine...I had so many different sketchbooks to try out at the time I simply forgot all about this little moleskine :(
Still, all finished now! :)
Thank you for your kind comments regarding my lead-free work.

kazumiwannabe said...

The baby foot with the lovely sandal and plump ankle is too cute!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Cant wait to thumb through the whole moleskin when I visit next week (na na de na na to all your fans - arent I the lucky one???) there seems to be such variety of subject and media.... perfectly executed of course.

Dintoons said...

haha love those duckies!! :o)