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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pet Prep

I have been commissioned to paint a portrait of the Pet of the Year from the competition ran in the Cambs Times newspaper. Last Friday I collected the photos and I've been so busy that all I'd managed until last night was a quick 'getting to know you' sketch in my small watercolour moleskine journal.

Last night I managed to start my drawing and prime a canvas, this morning I added a cool glaze to the canvas to provide me with a good background colour before my student arrived.
I'm hoping to complete my drawing and transfer onto my canvas later tonight but for the rest of today I'm all Harry's!


MaryO said...

They made a wise choice for this commission, Anita! The sketch is great...I'll be anxious to see the painting when it's finished!

susan said...

How neat to be commissioned...what an honor. Your watercolor/pen and ink is wonderful. Have fun painting today!

Kunstrxns said...

You have captured a dog with lots of personality, great work as always.

kazumiwannabe said...

Fabulous sketch. I'm curious to see the painting now!

Serena said...

Well done, Anita!