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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nibbles and Notes - Day 18

Did you know that mushrooms contain copper which is vital in forming connective tissue which supports and separates organs and is found in tendons, cartilage and bone?

They taste exceptionally good in a chow mein too!

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Mary Ellen said...

love your "food" sketches ... simply love them. my summer reading list includes a bunch of "foodie" books and these sketches are an echo of that focus. Your sketches are vibrant, interesting, sublime in that they are so very specific to the day. Also love the way you "date" each page and frame it. really really great job!

Also - from an art point of view - you have a "style" that I really like and it's been an opportunity to properly study it. That is - the framing, use of words and notes. Thank you for posting and the opportunity to enjoy!

Cheers! Mary Ellen