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Friday, July 04, 2008

Column Week 22

This is my newspaper column, in print today in the Cambs Times and Wisbech Standard:

I am currently taking part in an international sketchbook exchange with three other artists whose blogs I visit frequently and work I admire; Margaret Storer-Roche based in Arizona, Jennifer Lawson from Maine and Nina Johansson from Sweden. We have chosen the Maruman watercolour sketchbook for this project, the book pages are folded rather than cut so you can open the whole book accordion style to reveal a huge length of continuous art works.

We have each given our book a title or theme and filled ten pages with our own interpretation of the theme before sending onto the next artist to do the same. I have called my book ‘A Taste of Home’ and filled my pages with sketches from around my home and garden and a self portrait in purple and blue hues.
Eventually we shall each end up with our own books again but filled to the brim of delicious sketches and works to keep forever.

I am very excited to be taking part, although it is very nerve wracking waiting to hear if you book arrived safely through the post.

You can see how the Maruman exchange is going at:
If you would like to see my daily journal entries they can be found on my blog : Wednesday Night Art Workshops. Benwick Road Recreation Centre, Doddington. Contact Anita: 07790554201


Gabriela Riva said...

Wonderful blog! Wonderful job...
Thanks Anita!

MaryO said...

I always enjoy your columns, Anita, and I love the self portrait. This one should elicit great responses from your readers!

caseytoussaint said...

A well-written article, beautifully illustrated. Your sketchbook exchange sounds great - I'm going to head over to the website to have a look.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I like this image. There is a quiet beauty to it.

Serena said...

I LOVE this, Anita!!! Beautiful!

Margaret Ann said...

You are so sweet...what a thoughtful thing to do! :)

Well, I am still in that "nerve wracking phase" as my Maruman is still in transit...somewhere between Arizona and Sweden...Oh where oh where can it be???!!! Fingers and toes both crossed!

Lindsay said...

Can't wait to see how your journal project developes. I like the tomato entry above very much!!