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Monday, June 23, 2008

Coltishall - 17 June 2008

On our third day in Coltishall, Joan took us to How Hill and we sketched along the river while Harry took breaks to hunt for bugs!

The information centre at How Hill was called 'Toad Hole Cottage', such a sweet name for a building with so much age and character.

How Hill House caught my eye as we entered and tempted me throughout our stroll, so I finally gave in and sketched it from a distance.
I also captured another house with landscaped gardens but didn't have time for paint.

Finally, we popped into the Swan Inn for a most comfortable latte.


Ann said...

Lovely watercolor sketches!

Margaret Ann said...

WHOA! Music!!! I almost jumped out of my chair...WooHoo...nice selection of tunes to accompany your beautiful sketches! Makes one want to linger and not go "home" :)

I am now putting myself on official active lookout for your little Maruman...will watch for my mail person religiously...have no fear! :)Will let you know within seconds of her arrival. :)

Anetka said...

what a beautiful sketches Anita!!!