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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bits n Pieces

This is a quick sketch I made of my bad habit while waiting for Harry to come out of school

This is all I managed the day after I hurt my toe.
Harry and I spent all day watching movies while I rested my foot, one of those films was 'Once Upon A Forest' which we both love. I later treated myself to a pampering bath with a 'Lush' bubble bar.

Today I moved my computer into it's new location in my studio. For the past 5 years it has lived in a purpose built cupboard in my dining room, easily hidden when the door was view but the back of the cupboard wall, very little space and the mouse so high that it has caused problems with my wrist and shoulder.
Not any more!
Now I have a FANTASTIC view and a nice big desk to sprawl out on. All I need now is my Ikea chair and it'll be perfect!

My new grey slate flooring and pale blue walls echo the outside view perfectly!
One of many stacks awaiting my furniture delivery!


Terry said...

Nice to know I am not alone in my bad habit ROFL

I am lucky I have an Ikea about a 10 min drive from me since we moved to the West Midlands and when we lived in Cambridge it was awful as there was none in East Anglia at the time

Anita Davies said...

The really frustrating part is that there is a huge distribution centre at Peterborough now Terry but you can't purchase anything direct from there and there is no shop.

freebird said...

I'll skip the bad habit one except to say you always do nice quality work. That desk! It's too neat! Do you work so neatly or is that just because you've just moved it to it's new location? Being able to look outside is a really big plus.

Joan Y said...

Oh, my vice is chocolate. We all have em! LOL I must say Anita that I am SO envious of your studio. What a view! Plus, it will look so good with your IKEA furniture. Unfortunately, we don't have IKEA in HI, hence, my total envy! :)

Mark Hill said...

I am soooo envious of your bright new space!

Felicity said...

This space looks amazing, I'd love to have that space *and* that view! Yes, that is a bad habit, I used to have it thankfully for a relatively short time but if I was still smoking, a look at the show '10 Years Younger' would have done it for me for sure! ;)

Sandy said...

What a gorgeous studio with a gorgeous view for your gorgeous work! Enjoy! ( and I have an Ikea 15 min away if you would like me to ship anything to you :-)

juj said...

congratulations on your great new space! a beautiful space befitting your beautiful work! enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous studio and an amazing view! It looks so peaceful there. I hope you'll post pics when the studio is fully furnished.