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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thumbs Up for Harry

Harry drawing

Harry & John-Paul on the bus to Cambridge

Both sketches above were created in my altered baby book that Harry gifted me on Mother's Day. The second was sketched on a bus heading into the Grafton Centre. The first time I have ever sketched on a moving bus was yesterday, it gave me a whole new appreciation for those who do it regularly. Apart from being a very poor traveller, unless I am actually driving, the sketchbook moved around so much I thought I would go cross-eyed! It felt like the driver knew what I was trying to do and was having extreme fun making it impossible! The result is far from a sketch and unscanned.

Baby book I am altering

Harry watching The Last Samurai

The thumb sketches were created using 3 different coloured pigment liners, all with a 0.1 nib, over a few days...returning and adding to the page as time permitted. Each sketch took around 10-15 mins.


E-J said...

Body parts, with shading, in ink ... You're a brave lady! I would love to see your altered Baby book "in real" sometime.

I sketched in a moving car for the first time recently ... always got carsick when trying to read, but perhaps that was a left-brained thing, because I managed to draw no probs!

Serena said...

Great sketches, Anita! I suffer with motion sickness and feel instantly nauseated if I try to even read in a moving vehicle.

A Happy Easter to you and your family ~ :)

Anita Davies said...

I usually drive so haven't yet tried sketching in the passenger seat EJ, I have a feeling it would be a difficulty though as I can't even look down without feeling sick!
We must get together soon!

Thanx Serena. I'm the same with reading...even looking in my handbag can make me feel less than healthy!

peachtreeart said...

I really love the way you compose. Everything you do has a "compositional" concept that everyone can appreciate. Great job!