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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Females of the Mind

It all started with a few female doodles from imagination, an exercise in loosening up and feature placement.

Then my new sketchbook arrived!

I purchased it from Anna Hawthorne Studios over on Etsy. It is 5x5 inches in size and filled with medium weight drawing paper...I fell in love with it's red paisley cover.
I was having so much fun with my loosening up session that I decided to fill the pages of my new book with loose female faces from imagination. Each one is sketched in under 5 mins and then I added some colour with watercolour pencils, wetting a little with my waterbrush here and there. I chose the pencils because I don't think this paper would take heavy washes and they allowed me to get a good amount of bright colour down without any risks.

I'm not sure why but my last sketch ended up as a female figure rather than a face, perhaps a few more will follow during the next escape session into my imagination?

I have titled this book 'La Femme'


Karen at Pen in Hand said...

Excellent way to use that great sketchbook, Anita.

caseytoussaint said...

This looks like a beautiful sketchbook - what a great way to fill it up.

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Karen and Casey!

L.OnTheMove said...

These really are fantastic. What a wonderful new sketchbook. :)

Larry said...

These are wonderful ladies!

Anita Davies said...

Thanks lOnthemove & Larry!

Anonymous said...

very expressive faces! well done