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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I decided to stick with the 'Spring' theme for all my PIF gifts.

Leslie Brasher
I'm sending Leslie this 5x7" 'daily painting' of tulips in ink and watercolour.

I know that Jeanne collects ACEO's so I decided to send her this set of watercolour daffodil cards painted on watercolour paper.

I sent Margaret a TAB full of spring daffodils and tulips which you can read about HERE.
I posted Margaret's last week and will be taking the other two gifts into the post office in the morning, hope you like them!

I also donated my second TAB containing Benwick village scenes to the webmaster of the Lilyholt Road website. Adam kindly created a page to display my artwork and links on the website last year and has worked very hard to make the website an important part of Benwick village life.
He plans to create some kind of competition around my donation to raise funds to benefit the people of Benwick.


Leslie said...

Ooh, Anita, how WONDERFUL!! I can't wait to receive it! I'll get busy and put the pay-it-forward info on my own website. Thank you!!

PamYla said...

These are beautiful!

Susan's Scribbles said...

You are so generous Anita. Lovely gifts that I am sure they will all appreciate.

Frankye said...

Beautiful, beautiful gifts, Anita. The recipients are lucky people!

Serena said...

Beautiful gifts, Anita! I'm still working on your PIF gift but I will let you know the moment I put it in the mail. :)

Ptausha said...

Hi Anita,
I love looking at your watercolors - AWESOME! Thank you for sharing. I'm a very amateur doodler for relaxation purposes. Your work is enjoyable and inspirational.