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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

TAB 2 - Village Scenes

My second TAB (Tiny Art Book) is full of location sketches of a local village, Benwick. I set out for a drive earlier in the week and spent a while sitting in the truck, sketching and painting.

The book measures just 2.5x3.5 inches and the pages are 8.5x6 centimetres. Four pages, four local watercolour and ink scenes and the two pages at the back display my name and a few paint splashes.

The book fastens with a cream satin ribbon tied into a pretty bow. The covers are painted in French green acrylic decorated with a small hand painted flower design.

I also dug out my ACEO (collectable art cards) box from the studio today and came across this oil painting I made last year entitled 'Purple Iris', which can now be found listed on eBay here.

We experienced an earthquake here last night which registered 5.2 on the Richter Scale. It was very short lived and absolutely terrifying.


Kate (Cathy) Johnson said...

Lovely stuff, Anita!

And yes, I've been in earthquakes, too--they really get your attention, don't they!

Anonymous said...

I love your village scenes!! I'm originally from So California so earthquakes bother me much...just remember to put on your SHOES before venturing out....the most common earthquake injury is cut feet.......deni.......;)

Margaret Ann said...

The earthquake made the news last night here in Arizona...I thought about you and was surprise to hear about such an event in the U.K. Whew!

On a more pleasant subject...What a nice drive you must have had. I think it's so invigorating to go "out and about" and artisticly appreciate what is in your "own backyard". Love the bridge. ;)

hfm said...

Great work! I have been at London for a fortnight and I should have left the town 2h before the earthquake, thanks God!

Joan said...

Earthquakes can really be scary! Glad to hear all is OK. I love your little book with the local sketches. It's such a cute idea.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

What a lot of work you have posted since I last looked. Simply love the little green concertina booklets. The move went like clockwork but we were still 'nackered' with packing all day and the next morning and then unpacking all afternoon and evening and this morning. Laura very very happy and the girls.
We both felt the earthquake in the night nad wondered if the country cottage was coming down it shook so. Back in time tonight to have a day to prepare for my first workshop on Saturday. Have 7 and a half bookings (not half a body but half a day!!)- so wish me well.

Dave said...

I slept through the earthquake!! I expect it was stronger on your side of the country, but still, most people round here seem to have felt it. I must have a good conscience to sleep so soundly. :)

I'm loving the TAB idea, and the lovely sketches in them!

Robyn said...

Your little Iris is gorgeous, Anita. You always have a surprise up your sleeve.

Nasty experience, earthquakes. So pleased you didn't experience any damage.

Dave said...

I got the iris painting!! How exciting...never bought an art work on ebay before. Now I look forward to being able to auction it at Sotheby's for a few million when you're an internationally famous artist!! In the meantime, I look forward even more to being able to see a piece of your work in real life.

Anita Davies said...

They sure do Kate! Thanx!

Thanks Deni...What a fascinating fact, I'll remember that! ;)

I totally agree Margaret, we often take for granted what we have close by.

Thanks Joan!

Glad the move went well Joannie and that you are safe.

LOL...I sleep hrough he last on Dave. Once I am asleep I am comatose so if I hadn't been up I'd probably have missed it too...Mind you, it was so LOUD!!!
I'm not falling for that conscience malarky...admit it, you were just REALLY tired! LOL!

Thanks Robyn. I'm pleased you see my blog that way, 'suprises up my sleeves'

Dave, I have just posted it first class. Thankyou so much. LOL @ Sotheby's!...God I hope you're right. LOL!