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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fast Food

It's half term and the kids are home...Hurrah!!!

As a treat I took Harry on a slight de-tour while shopping in Wisbech yesterday and treated him to a McDonalds meal. I think my children invented the phrase 'fast food', the entire visit from ordering to leaving took just 30 minutes! I managed a quick sketch of the queue from my table in my small Canson sketchbook between latte gulps.

After working in my new Saunders Waterford sketchbook for the first time yesterday and falling in love with the paper, I decided to test it a little with some wet in wet watercolour. I took the last two pieces of fruit in the house and went to town with my water brush, squeezing and slopping the paint around - Great fun!
This paper is such a treat to work with.

*Details of my new Saunders Waterford journal can be found in THIS post.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Love the feel of people queuing and the range of colours you have used. Love the detail too. The wet on wet will be as popular as your last one you were so surprised about. So free and showing someone with great confidence and ability. Doesnt good paper make a difference with this technique?

Felicity said...

The lemon and apple are super! Is there really a burger called 'Legend'??

Joan said...

You did two lovely sketches in your new journal. I checked back to see what kind of paper it was and am amazed that they make a journal with 300lb paper. That's great!

Anonymous said...

I often wonder what Harry thinks about having a mom who sketches and paints in public...;) You look like you're having lots of fun with this journal!! deni...;)

Robyn said...

Mmmm. I'd like one of those journals. I'd also like to create as many wonderful sketches as you do, Anita. And now I see you have also fitted in time to babysit! You are AMAZING!

Genine said...

beautiful as always!!!!
Love the apple. Where did you get that sketchbook? Your comments on the paper make me want to try it.

bec said...

lovely sketches!
You got a lot into your McDonalds sketch quickly! -- and you also ate within that 30 minutes? WOW!
P.S. Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

Great job! Your "touch" with the brush and watercolors is excellent, its "motivational", wants me want to open up my set again...he Thanks for your presentation and blog site. Keep up the good work. Thee Art Gallery at by Monty Ousley Weddell in Dallas, Tx

Ann said...

Lovely, intense colors in your fruit sketch. And all that in 30 minutes at McDonalds, wow!