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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mirror Magic

I sketched today's self portrait in approx. 20 minutes while looking into a mirror using pigment liner and watercolour washes, once again working purely on instinct, no measuring or constructive thought involved. I'm finding this exercise most interesting.

After completing my self portrait I placed the large three way mirror on the floor, to be taken back out into the studio, and caught a glimpse of my boots as I passed it to pop up the shop. As soon as I returned I sat myself on the sofa with the mirror on the floor in front of me and made a quick sketch of my boots. Those marks on my legs are NOT symptoms of a skin condition but the pattern on my leopard print leggings...Yes, leopard print, at my age...I may be 39 but I'm not dead yet!

My Niece is visiting for the weekend and this afternoon my Son and her practiced magic tricks before giving me a show, most entertaining!
I made a sketch of my favourite trick, a quick reminder for future years.


Joan said...

Watching kids do magic tricks is it's own kind of magic. Nice boots and leggings!!

Dave said...

Love the self portrait! And glad to hear that you're not dead, though don't think there was too much doubt about that!