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Friday, January 11, 2008

HB On The Side

Today's journal entry is another self portrait, this time in HB pencil.
Sketched while curled up on the sofa watching a horror movie that distracted my attention more than once during the 40 minutes I managed before placing the mirror on the floor and deciding to call it a day.

No measuring, sketching purely from instinct, feeling my way around the face now is the first time I am viewing it as a whole and I see the right eye is a little large, other than that, I think my instinct did ok this evening.

I have no idea what the film was called but it wasn't right until the end that I realised I had already seen it....Don't you just hate that?


BMoon said...

I just love your self-portraits, Anita. You are so BRAVE to be able to render yourSELF like that. I find it a challenge.

I'm on a faces kick.....and will be working on them for quite some time to come. They are fascinating. Have only braved one self-portrait so far...and as soon as blogger quits hiccoughing I'll get it uploaded.

Your inspire!

Nina Johansson said...

A great self-portrait (as are all of the ones you´ve made). I like that concentrated look one always gets from staring into a mirror...

About the movie: amen to that. I always forget the ending of movies I´ve seen, so when I watch them again, I recognize everything as the film goes along. I´m never really surprised, but I still can´t remember how it ends, so I have to keep watching... Irritating.

Sandy said...

fantastic work, and I suspect using only pencil rather than color makes for a great exercise.

Joan said...

You're doing so well with the self-portraits. I decided to concentrate more on placing the facial features on mine and I think it's helping. Good job!