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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Friendly Friday Revisited

Arrived home from the most relaxing weekend at Joan's this afternoon and jumped straight into a pile of laundry and roast dinner preparations! Such is life!
Still, it's all good and with re-charged batteries it was all a doddle!

So, here I sit trying to scan and upload all the journal pages I filled this weekend. Here are the remainder of Friday's efforts once I had arrived in Coltishall.
The first page shows Joan sketching, the Egyptian ankh she gave me as part of my Christmas gift and, a new addition to her lounge since my last visit, a peace lily plant.

The page above shows the second of my Christmas gifts from Joan, a metal trinket box handmade in India and the all essential goodies that aided us through a long night of talking, sketching and laughter.


BMoon said...

Hi again, Anita, I can't help but think of what pleasure your loved ones will have in generations to come, when they go thru your lovely annotated and illustrated diaries and relive your visits, your joys, your life. What a treasure you are creating! I marvel at how prolific you are.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I agree with every word from bmoon. Your words make everything you do so exciting and interesting. You see the beauty in everything.

Kim said...

Anita, I have just found your lovely blog and am enjoying it very much. Your sketches are delightful. Your visit with Joan sound as though it was fabulous. And bmoon and joan are so right...what lovely gifts you are giving those you love with these delightful sketches and journals.

I will visit again.