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Monday, January 21, 2008

Catching Up

Saturday was the 17th Worldwide Sketch Crawl and, although Joan and I did not venture out, we did take part by sketching around her beautiful home in Coltishall.

Even Joan's Husband Clive wasn't safe from the artistic mayhem.

The collection of figurines beside the fireplace was so pretty, I chose my favourite to zoom in on; a wooden sculpture called 'Together'.

Joan rested her eyes for 15 minutes while I sketched her and then later I filled the page by adding her hand as she sketched.

The page above shows the colours I do not have in my 12 set of Inktense pencils, I think I may have to order that 'Shiraz'...Yum! The portrait, also sketched in inktense but not wetted, is the only sketch of the day copied from a photographic reference rather than life. His name is Max and I have painted him for Joan before, in watercolour, from a photo taken when he was just a few minutes old.

It's hard to believe it's been 18 months...Time sure does fly!


Sandy said...

Oh what fun entries, and your portriats are AMAZING!!

Anonymous said...

What a productive time you had at your friend's house! The drawing of Max as a new baby is so beautiful, what a lovely present for her to treasure.
I hope you get a chance to buy some new pencils, you've given me an idea to get mine out now! :)

Joan said...

You were more productive inside than many people were outside for the sketchcrawl. Nice group of sketches of your friends and their home.

petescully said...

you did some really nice stuff there, i really like the styles you've used.

PamYla said...

I love your work Anita, everything is fantastic..the baby is too precious