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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 Starts Here

20 mins - pigment liner & watercolour in Canson journal

Happy New Year to you all!

I have decided to set myself a few goals this year but not so many that I will be so finely spread not to enjoy the year before it slips into the past.

The first of these goals is to concentrate on people. I worked a little on this last year too, attending life sessions when they were held in a local village and carrying my sketchbook around with me on all occasions. My youngest Son Harry appeared on regular postings, often engrossed in his toys or a film, and when all else failed I sketched myself. I tried hard to work from life where possible as I will this year, however, so I don't restrict myself in any way that may hinder my productivity, sometimes I shall use references as I have here.

I am labelling my posts in this category '2008 People Project' that gives me the scope to concentrate on either figure or portrait sketches...A nice broad horizon! I hope to produce something for this project at least every other day, if not daily.

I have joined BLOG365 to encourage me to continue to post daily here, I intend to try hard not to miss a single post during 2008.

I would like to thank everyone who has visited my blog over the past year, all those who have encouraged and inspired...without you all I don't think my blogging would be so regular or so pleasurable. Knowing I have visitors to share my daily creative activities with pushes me to be productive on occasions I know I would otherwise falter, your comments have meant so much.


Anonymous said...

A happy 2008 to you too Anita and thank YOU for your support and encouragement and for "pushing the envelope", which is a constant inspiration! Good luck with your projects, I am looking forward to the ride this year.

Joan said...

Happy New Year!! I hope 2008 is as productive artwise for you as this year seems to have been. I enjoy visiting your blog, and your work and projects are an inspiration to many of us. Thanks for your encouragement.

Serena said...

Happy New Year to you also, Anita! I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful work and I wish you all the very best with your goals. You have definitely been an inspiration to me....thanks ~ :)

Anonymous said...

Had to be Emma Thompson - but Clive and I saw a more recent Sense and Sensibility on the box the other night. Surprising how differently it came over - first instalment though. Every good wish for the New Year and your amazing blog. Joannie