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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Midweek Mix

Today's journal page started with this image, sketched in my journal in the early hours before finally retiring to bed. A simple sketch of one of my 'Artline' pigment liners using a Jet Black Inktense pencil and a water brush.

This often happens, I feel the need to sketch one last item before heading to bed and have no idea how the composition of the page will follow in the morning. It can be truly inspirational to wake up to a journal page that is not blank, kind of like a head start to the day, and it can bring about some really interesting compositions and designs.

Other examples of journal pages that started with a sketch before bed can be seen in the following posts:

My first entry into my current journal was dated November 16th and I now have just 5 pages left to fill which, by some kind of miracle, takes me right up to Christmas Eve if I keep to one entry a day. I am still trying to decide whether to simply begin another journal at that time and carry on as I have been or whether to dedicate a smaller sketchbook I have to the Christmas period up until New Year....I have never been very good at making decisions. I did have something else in mind for the small sketchbook so, at the moment, a continuation looks most likely.
My current journal is a Roberson HP watercolour sketchbook with 190gsm paper, I have two others the same size ready on standby, one has 230gsm paper and the other 300gsm...Another decision to be made!


Anonymous said...

I love the way you've painted the paper on the fairy cake, it looks so 'papery'! How did you see to draw without your glasses?!

Joan said...

I like how you started the journal page with a sketch from the night before. I bet that kept you thinking through the night!

Wendy said...

1. I am soooo impressed that you've finished your journal so quickly. I am impressed with myself for nearly finishing the journal I started in June.

2. I love the composition and the way you've used tags to introduce text.

3. If I draw late at night it's usually my cat as he sits on the end of my bed.