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Friday, December 28, 2007

Lamy, Noodler's and Canson

Imagination sketch in Canson Watercolour Sketchbook

I have started a new journal, the Canson watercolour sketchbook 21cm x 15cm purchased for £11.10 at Greatart. It has a delicious, bright red cover and is filled with 230g watercolour paper, slightly heavier than the Roberson sketchbook I have just finished.

Click on the Canson Watercolour Sketchbook to read more details at

My sketch was created from imagination, drawing inspiration from a design on some packaging, using my NEW yummy blue Lamy Safari fountain pen and my NEW Aircorp blue/black Noodler's ink. Like my Noodler's red/black ink, the Aircorp is NOT waterproof, allowing one to manipulate it with a wet brush for some quick and easy values. The nib on this pen is silver unlike the black nibs on my other two Safari's and I've noticed it's a little scratchy at the moment, I am hoping it will wear in with use ...I am sure it will.

Click the pen to go to The Writing Desk website.

To view other colours of Noodler's Ink at The Writing Desk website, click on the sample.


Jenny said...

You've made out like a bandit with your total Christmas haul of art-oriented gifts! Your family is doing a great job of spoiling you! Love your imaginative drawing.

RHCarpenter said...

Love the imagination sketches and your use of color to brighten them. I always love seeing artist materials - looks like you got some good things from Santa :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely drawing and I had new pens for christmas too - can't wait to try them. I get so excited with new art 'toys'!

Nina Johansson said...

I have a sketchbook that looks exactly the same. But mine says Vang on the back cover, sort of pressed into the book cloth. I wonder if the paper in it is the same, Canson, as in yours? I love it, anyway, it´s great for both drawing and watercolours. I love your drawing!

burningwindmill said...

WOW, love that sketchbook, I have a minor addiction to buying them! :-)