Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mrs Christmas

I hid out in the studio this evening wrapping Christmas presents and this afternoon I wrote out my Christmas card list and even wrote out half of the cards on it ready for posting!

I love Christmas!
Every last thing about it.

After my wrapping frenzy I risked the cracking of my three way mirror again and sketched a 10 minute portrait into my Roberson HP journal and then used a segment of the design on Harry's Christmas paper to produce the background.

Not so ugly in this one...I'm either getting more accurate or more economical with the truth!


Unknown said...

This is beautiful! I really love the colors you have used. You have so many great new sketches on your blog. It is always a treat to stop by and browse. Thanks for sharing!

FRANKYE said...

Anita, Your self-portraits are always incredible and, whenever you add a background, it always fits perfectly. At the risk of sounding syrupy : ), I think that you are very attractive and hope that you will see it in your paintings. You are even younger than my youngest child, so you can't possibly be fading that fast! Otherwise, I must be in terrible shape and probably shouldn't do a self -portrait!!It could be very scary!
Thanks for all your lovely and courageous work.

Angie in AZ said...

Wow, gorgeous! Please tell me you are joking about the 10 minutes! Only 10 minutes?! Seriously! I'm speechless...

Anonymous said...

I love this portrait of yours anita...of them all this one is my favorite! I get a feeling of "Women who run with wolves" when I look at this portrait. You've captured contentment and confience and a freedom which I like!