Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Life Class - Week 12

I decided to approach this week's life class in ink, and set my own time limitations for the poses. This resulted in lots of sketches based on poses with 3-10 minute allocations, where the model posed for longer intervals I simply changed my position and started another sketch.

I also took my sketchbook into the kitchen for our coffee break, where I made a couple of quick sketches of group members sipping hot drinks and washing up.

I enjoyed this casual approach to life class and felt I learned alot from being able to move about freely changing angles and perspective, focusing on difficult view points.

There was another reason for behind my cunning plan though. Do you remember back in October I started a new Seawhite sketchbook? It is almost six inches square and has 95 pages. I started this book on October 13th and today, just four weeks later, I finished it!
This was supposed to be the last of our sessions for this batch but because last week was cancelled the organiser is going to try and arrange a session for next Tuesday.
Fingers crossed!


mARTa said...

I have been enjoying all your life class postings. I wish there was a class I could participate in. I am going to the life session tomorrow at the museum (missed the last 2 months due to travel)...but I feel rusty ...maybe I should stand in front of the mirrow naked today and do some pre life drawing session practice? LOL...
these are all great and congratulations of completing a sketchbook...all your stuff if great!

Anonymous said...

Love your figure drawings...so many, and they're all expressive! How I would love to show so much work after a session! I especially like the first series of small ones and it is a good idea to set your own time on the longer poses...I am going to copy you in that sense on our next session - using some of the longer poses to set my own challenges.

phthaloblu said...

Great sketches! Giving yourself your own time limit mixes things up, too! Good for you! Very nicely done.