Thursday, September 20, 2007


8 x 10" Acrylic Paints & Inks on Canvas - (Taken with flash)

The Task:

Produce a series of ten works, each 8x10", on canvas to be hung together in two groups of five either side of a staircase.

I originally began with this design. The background colour is a mix of French Grey Blue and an exact match of the lower half of the hallway wall (below dado). I applied these randomly with a knife. The hall carpet is also blue and the top of the wall is white, so I brought the orange in as an accent colour.

I soon realised that walking alongside ten of these, both sides of you could feel a little 'busy'.

I wanted to add some interest to the room, while keeping the light, airy, calm feel.

Starting again, I applied the background, this time with a softer texture that resembles sky. Keeping things soft I added the simple daisies in a pale French grey blue. The daisy centres provide the accent colour I was originally after without being too loud and were applied using a pipette and acrylic ink, as were the stems. I decided to leave the stems unfinished to give the daisies a 'floating' appearance which is where the title for this series was born.

ZEPHYR - A soft, gentle breeze.

I used yellow ink to highlight the daisy centres and white ink to highlight the daisy petals. I then drained the pipettes of all three inks (Yellow, orange & white) and squeezed them over the top of all five paintings to give a splattered 'windswept' effect.

8 x 10" Acrylic Paints & Inks on Canvas - (Taken without flash)

I am much happier with this design, so simple and yet hung together the five are quite effective.


Anonymous said...

wow they look great good name for them linda

Anonymous said...

This look so great anita! and I love the splattered effect, it does indeed give them a windswept feel and a freedom. And I have to add...I love your enthusiasm for what you is a wonderful lesson in itself. Well done!

Robyn Sinclair said...

I love the movement and the colours and your daisies are always beautiful.

Anita Davies said...

Thanks for commenting Linda, glad you like them!

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou so much Ronell.

Anita Davies said...

Thanx Robyn! :)

phthaloblu said...

Wow, you did a grand job with these. They are so beautiful and really do look like they are floating on a breeze.