Thursday, September 20, 2007

On The Side

Acrylic on canvas board - 40 mins

Made use of another old canvas board I had once practiced textures with tissue paper on. It had a lot of bright red and gold paint all over it which was a little distracting to work with.

Another frowner I'm afraid and I'm biting the inside of my lip again!

Oh well, all practice.
Below are three versions of the same sketch.
I spent approx. 25 mins on the first, took a break and then went back into the studio and worked another 10 mins on the same sketch to produce the second image posted below, where I totally destroyed my own nose but I think I managed a more convincing angle on the whole of the facial features!
The third image shows the second image after an alteration in 'paint' program. (I don't have any fancy graphics software) I took the lower part of the nose and lifted it up and to the left slightly.
I posted this image because I think it shows wonderfully just how much difference a few millimetres can make to a portrait.


"JeanneG" said...

The bottom one looks like you have a thin milk mustache like you see on milk commercials.(Maybe you don't see the same commercials?)

Kerstin Klein said...

wow. the red portrait is great.

Anita Davies said...

LOL....I don't like milk much....Now change it to Latte and we're talking!

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou Klein!

MD said...

Anita, this portrait on red is fantastic. Very dramatic and contrasts so much with the seriousness of your expression. I love the way it kind of appears out of the red and gold texture...something mystical about it.

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou Marie.
I painted without a sketch again so it ended where time ran out which gave it the 'mask' feel.

Serena Lewis said...

I love your self-portrait sketches, Anita. I found it interesting after doing my very first self-portrait recently that, like you, my nose was longer than it should have been giving my face a more rectangular shape, rather than round. I also adjusted mine in a graphics program and I totally agree...a small amount can make a huge difference.

phthaloblu said...

These are all so well done. And the 3/4 view is the hardest of all. Your progress is truly amazing and I'm enjoying following your venture. The red one is really awesome. Love that color and how you worked the face into it. Great, great work.