Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Of Me

Charcoal highlighted with white Conte

Another study looking into a mirror. Much better proportions on the eyes although they are slightly too close together, still have that concentrated, ageing frown.

When I create portraits of others I tend to flatter them slightly, when I draw myself it's a whole other story! My Mum said I should add a photo of myself here so you all know I'm not THAT old and THAT scary so I added a photograph to my profile.

Since starting these self-portrait studies I have noticed they all look very different and yet, I can see me in them. Obviously my mood on the day alters the work or my focal point and all of the images together looking back at me felt like being at a party where I am the only guest, I feel I am meeting parts of me for the first time. It bothered me that they all look so different to start with but now I am seeing the benefits of repeatedly studying myself, something other than charcoal, paint or led transfers over to the surface, something from deep within, making the results more dimensional, more interesting than any other work I have created to date.
I thought I would be getting to know my face but I think I may also be getting to know myself a little better too.

Perhaps soon I'll cut me a break and create something a little more flattering?


Robyn Sinclair said...

That is very sweet of your mother - she's obviously very proud of you! This latest SP is very good even if it is a little stern. I'm loving your journey through all the body parts. Your discipline is awesome. I've just been enjoying your slideshow with its stunning range of media and style. That little angel is wonderful.

Felicity Grace said...

You should definitely do one with your lovely long hair! This is a bit stern, I agree though I think all artists are critical/self critical but on the other hand it is important and will be interesting to look back on!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! the eyes are especially lovely.

dibujandoarte said...

Hi Anita. this is a great study too. I like the combinations of black and white on a coloured paper. You handled it perfect. It's very strange about self portraits. I wonder if one is seeing oneself, or if one is drawing what one thinks the others see, maybe what we'd like to look like or the contrary, maybe we refuse to draw what we see and try to ruin the image the mirrow gives us. I think our personalities have much to do with this and not maybe the skills one can have to draw. It's s such a fascinating subject. I'll keep on looking at your progress, as I told you by chance I aslo re-started with this too last weekend after a new mirror appeared in our studio.... best wishes. martín.

Meinhild Selbach said...

What a great idea with your picture on your blog. I think you are very courageous working on all these self-portraits. I am still not comfortable with the thought, but took already some pictures to use as reference. At this point on my journey I cannot imagine to do it from looking at a mirror.
Thanks for your openess in sharing about your experiences. You are a great inspiration to me.
Greetings from France

Anonymous said...

you are doing great work anita...like all your hands and feet and eyes, these selfportraits are wonderful to follow and I'm just as eager to see the development and discoveries! A selfportrait is very revealing, not to the onlooker, but to the artist...the mirror can somewhow still fool you, but not the paintbrush. I think there is a direct connection between the hand and the soul, so maybe this stern look does have something to do with your mood or composure that day, maybe without even realizing it!
To see yourself after you have finished the painting, is almost like hearing your own voice on a tape or something..."this isn't how I sound!" It is a great journey though,especially the discovery of how many faces and moods and "personalities" we do actually have!
Great drtawing, I'm looking forward to the next!

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like you are concentrating very hard. I think this is an amazing series.

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou so much for your kind words and encouragement Robyn!

Anita Davies said...

Thanx Felicity. I agree, each one is opening my eyes.

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou Ujwala!

Anita Davies said...

I agree Martin, I think personality has ALOT more to do with self-portraits than skill. I constantly find that my heart & mind have intervened during these studies and taken me off on an emotion fuelled misconception of my own face that I SHOULD know so well.
After so long working with photos I am LOVING the fact that my I am now painting from my heart.

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou Meinhild, I am flattered to be an inspiration to you.
Do what you feel comfortable with, ANY form of art teaches us something, I wouldn't take back the past 4 years of working from photographs for anything, it is the knowledge those years gave me that enable me to take such risks with such confidence now, they have allowed me try & fail without feel embarrassed!
Good luck!

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou Ronell. I feel you read my mind with your words.
I am not ONE personality, I have many sides, I go through many emotions, we all do...It's amazing seeing all of these portrayed before me with my own hand.
I only aim to portray them with more accuracy, regularly...until it's as natural to me as driving my truck!

Anita Davies said...

I squint alot don't I dave, I hadn't realised just how much until I started this series.
Thankyou! :)