Monday, September 17, 2007

Heads Up

Imagination sketches - Noodler's red/black ink.

I started this sketch with the study titled #1 and immediately spotted the mistake I keep making with the eyes being too large and the forehead too short, so I focused on correcting that by creating more sketches from imagination, this way I didn't have to be concerned with a likeness of anyone in particular and could concentrate on the exercise at hand.

I found it most useful.

The Figure Drawing Lab has some good basic tips on proportion.

The red/black Noodler's ink I purchased recently is not waterproof, I didn't realise this when I ordered it I thought all Noodler's ink was waterproof. However, I love the effect it has when running a water brush over it for instant tone and values, so all is not lost!


Kerstin Klein said...

Wow. Love this pic with all the heads.

Thanks for the comment on my Moelskine journal

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou Klein're welcome.

phthaloblu said...

Great exercise and you've done a great job on it, too.