Saturday, August 18, 2007

Movie Magic

This afternoon I watched 'Ghandi' on the television, I had wanted to see it when it was on at the big screen but did not get around to it, I am so pleased I found the time today.

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. -Mahatma Ghandi - Indian political and spiritual leader (1869 - 1948)

I have also taken the boys to the cinema twice so far this holiday. We watched Shrek The Third and The Simpson's, both were thoroughly enjoyable.

Blue flower, red thorns, blue flower, red thorns - this would be so much easier if I wasn't colour blind! - Donkey

Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try. - Homer Simpson

*All images are taken from my Summer 2007 Journal


Ramesh Gandhi said...

Very nice portrait of Gandhi (note the correct spelling -- I share his name, and people are always spelling it your way for some reason :)) -- he looks gentle and benign. Liked the Simpsons too - they look the way I feel much of the time.

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Nancy, had no idea I had mis-spelled Gandhi....Yep, I think we all get that Simpsons feel from time to time!

phthaloblu said...

Great drawings!