Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Books

by Bert Dodson
It has to be said...I'm not much of a reader, I find it hard to concentrate and start thinking about all the things I could be 'doing' instead. So, a book has to capture my attention pretty quickly for me to get past page 5.
That said, I merely opened Moonlight Chronicles to have a quick peek when it arrived and found it very difficult to put down, I am looking forward to picking it back up again.
I ordered Bert Dodson's book because it makes you do something, I figured it had half a chance of grabbing my attention that way. It is a book full of exercises designed, I imagine, to make you think outside of the box and open your mind to new possibilities. As a self confessed control freak, I figured it was an avenue worth exploring. I have imaginative ideas but find it difficult to transform them from my mind onto paper, my sensible side cuts in and spoils all my fun...I'm hoping that this book will break those barriers.


MD said...

How very strange anita, cos I've just ordered the Bert Dodson book for the very same reason,and in a bid to get me going again! I keep dipping into it too. Absolutely fascinating.
By the way, I'm really enjoying your work!

juj said...

After seeing your post I had to go check out this book on Amazon - it looks intriguing. Now I am thinking a trip to the book store is in order (I have no patience waiting for the mailman) because I think I may want to play along. I've always been terrible at sticking to a book, but maybe this time will be different. I will keep you posted.

Anita Davies said...

Thankyou Marie...How lovely to see your name pop up here again.
Enjoy the book!

Anita Davies said...

Oh goodo Juj, it will be nice to have others work alongside me...Like you, I'm not good at sticking to a book...Maybe together we'll have more success?
Worth a shot! ;)