Sunday, July 15, 2007

Keys To Drawing With Imagination

I recently purchased Bert Dodson's book 'Keys to drawing with imagination' which involves a sequence of exercises throughout the pages.
I thought I'd share my progress and thoughts on these exercises with you here.

Exercise one -Doodling & Noodling

In this first exercise we are instructed to take a line for a walk and end up where it began. This creates a shape that we are then instructed to fill in some way.
The shape is the 'doodle', what we do to that doodle to enhance it is known as 'noodling'.
Doodling involves no plan, no destination...while noodling dresses it up, which involves thought and insight.

I rather enjoyed this process, it took me miles away, I don't remember thinking about anything while I worked ...Very relaxing!

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