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Monday, March 26, 2007

Garden Trumpets

Something in the garden-wetcanvas scavenger hunt #34

The Wet Canvas scavenger hunt has now reached number 34 and this time it was my turn to compose a list.

The aim of the hunt is to sketch your way through 26 items on a list, completing 3 challenges along the way, sketching from life. It is a great exercise, encouraging one to sketch regularly and to focus on everyday items as subjects as well as ensuring no time is wasted wondering 'what to sketch'.

I set the list on Sunday 25th, a beautiful sunny day marking daylight saving adequately, and while the beef roast finished cooking inside I captured the last of the daffodils outside with a quick sketch in my small moleskin using unipin pen and watercolour pencils.


Dave said...

I've been joining in the scavenger hunt for the first time. You're right, it is a great exercise. I like your daffodils...they can be your "something from the garden"!

Robyn Sinclair said...

I'm still waiting for my daffodils to bloom in order to sketch them. Yours are stunning.

Anita said...

Dave I'm so pleased you've joined the hunt this time around. Yes, these are my 'something from the garden' entry for the hunt. Glad you like them!

Anita said...

Thankyou Robyn. Our daffs have been out for some time here in the fens, clusters of yellow line the dykes and brighten up the ploughed fields...Very spring!

E-J said...

You have captured daffodils in a way I just can't seem to do. I cannot make those flowers look good ... not sure why ... I guess because they don't have the flowing lines of lilies or the variety of colour you find in freesias, which are my preferred flowers. Yours look great, though.

Your card arrived today! Thank you! Where did you sketch it and which pen did you use to sign - was it the Unipin? It's such a wonderfully fine line.

Anita said...

E-J, Thakyou! I think all yellow flowers are difficult to capture well.
I am so pleased my card got to you ok. I painted it half from life and half from imagination, I used a scene from my Drove here in the Fens but created the window. I think I did use the unipin, either that or the Edding Profipen.