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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dailies - (w/e 15 Feb 07)

First comes the tightening of the chest, sending every muscle into instant submission before it pulls it's most deadly weapon of all...The feather!

I am talking of the wretched virus I've been suffering from for over a week now, the dry, tickly (although not funny in the slightest) cough has caused me complete torment, interfering with what little sleep I usually manage and frustrating me to the point of despair!

Finally, I hung out the white flag and called my GP... Started my antibiotics today and live in hope of at least some sleep tonight. I'm not in favour of taking pills but when the lavender oil, tunes and cough candy fail, your mind feels like scrambled egg and your eyes could hold a weekly shop from Tesco...It's time to hit the drugs!

Obviously this fiasco effected my painting outage for the week and what little I did manage was achieved through the darkest hours of the night when everyone else was lucky enough to be dreaming and I could only dream of being able to do the same.

10 Feb 07 - acrylic - 5x7"

Something warm and cuddly, perfect when you're feeling cold and haggard!

14 Feb 07 - oil - 5x7"

Another cuddly bear, I love the background colour in this piece.

15 Feb 07 - pen & watercolour - 5x7"

Some of the tulips from my valentines bouquet

All paintings were painted from life.

Dailies - (w/e 9 Feb 07)
Dailies - (w/e 2 Feb 07)
Introducing DAILIES

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