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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Poolside Pleasures

Record heat, an abundance of insects and children's laughter fill the Fenland landscape. Sketchpad poised, like a spider, I guard the atmosphere recording a web of memories I shall rely on in later years.

The majority of last night was spent setting up and filling our new pool and today, beneath the blazing sun, I watch as my Sons enjoy the cool relief of the deep, refreshing water. The sheets of my Winsor and Newton sketchbook glare back at me and make it difficult to produce anything detailed, so, not to miss the opportunity entirely, I create a small, loose, five minute pen study with a superfine Pitt in sepia and a dash of watercolour.

It is far from perfect but it is not destined for an ornate frame, nor will it dress the walls of a stylish lounge. It has the sole purpose of providing it's creator with a visual memory to reflect upon when the moment has been spent and drifted into yesterday.

"There is no sound more pleasing to a Mother's ear than the echoes of her children's laughter" - Anita Davies

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