Friday, September 22, 2017

Lamorna Cove Cornwall

I took the Sennelier USK sketchbook to Lamorna Cove for a couple of days with family.
I'd never used this sketchbook before and was a little concerned about the rough surface of the paper on one side and how my fountain pen would deal with it.
However, I felt it was such a light book it would be more comfortable to carry around as my little dog Kinx was coming with us.
I purchased a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen to tackle the rough paper with, another new challenge for me to cope with...but's good to step out of your comfort zone now and then right?
I handled my first spread fine, I was at home and felt in control.
Whilst on location though, I found the paper frustrating at first and the Pentel Pocket Brush clumsy....then things began to click once I realised I needed to work with the equipment rather than expect the usual and just let go...Then I had fun!
My sketches are very quick and expressive, more so as they go on and I began to enjoy the change. 
Our holiday was cut short due to the death of a family pet which we are still recovering from.
 However, we did have an amazing two days in Cornwall's beautiful rugged landscape.

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