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Monday, July 03, 2017


Sktchy - watercolour


Jo Castillo said...

I like the hair color. Almost red, white and blue!

I go away for a while and you seem to sketch the world. I especially like N.W .

I’m smiling at all these….

Anita Davies said...

LOL! Thanks Jo. Got a little carried away with the colour on this one, it was fun! Where have you been? Somewhere nice I hope

Jo Castillo said...

We were traveling to Colorado and Montana to get out of the heat of Texas. Don’t read as many blogs when we are traveling. I often look but don’t comment… It was nice. We hope to go to NM in August for a month again. I always like your sketches.

Anita Davies said...

Lucky you, all that travelling. I'm off to cornwall soon, can't wait, I'm so glad you enjoy my work, thank you for taking time to comment.

Xanreb Becker said...

I love the picture you sketch you posted on this blog site. This is the reason why i want to have my own collections.


Zinnia Hollis said...

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