Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Touchfive Markers

I got a massive bag of markers as one of my gifts for my birthday this year and this is the first time trying them out.
I have used markers before, only a few times and only 3 Copic Tonal Greys not coloured.
The markers I have are called TOUCHFIVE and the selection is really varied, not your traditional skin tone selection, but I quite like this as it will add more of a challenge and perhaps make me step outside of the box so to speak.
I went straight in with the markers using GG5 Green Grey to place my features then continued adding to it with 41 Olve Green, 36 Cream, 21 Terra Cotta, 144 Pale Baby Blue and 169 Putty...6 markers in total.
I was happy with my colour choices here.
Sktchy app ref
*I have found a use for the S&B Alpha softback that didn't suit me as a daily journal...If I lie a sheet of paper between the sheets it doesn't bleed through and I can play with these markers in it in the evenings!

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