Sunday, May 07, 2017


My gorgeous baby is not the best model in the world, it's hard to catch him without a blanket covering his entire body and head...but I persist!
The Stillman and Birn softback 8x10 Alpha is proving to have glitches for me. *sigh*
-While the paper is beautiful I'm discovering that it is wrinkling more at this size, with no hard cover to help flatten over night, and proving tricky to scan.
-The size along with the fact it has no hard cover is making it all a little too floppy for me to be entirely comfortable with it.
-I've had to work on individual pages rather than work across the spread as I like to do so I can scan it on my A4 scanner
I do see advantages to this softcover though
-It is so much lighter to carry than a hardback
-They take up less room on my book shelf which is getting very full
I've ordered a S7B softback ZETA in  the 8.8x5.5
I love it's dark blue cover and it feels great in my hands. I know from using both Alpha and Zeta before in hardback that the paper is slightly thicker so hopefully this will eliminate any wrinkling.
God I hope this is the one, I don't like having half or part full sketchbooks lying around taking up space.

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larry said...

I can see where Alpha wouldn't straighten out in an 8x10 softcover. It's more tolerable in the 8.5x5.5 that I've used. All my 8x10s, thus far have been BETA which don't need to be flattened.

If the cover on your new book is blue, though, I think you'll find that it's a BETA, not a ZETA book. ZETA books are gray.