Thursday, May 11, 2017

Grafham Water and Zeta

Took the dogs for a stroll at the lovely Grafham Water and broke in my latest sketchbook purchase...The Stillman and Birn Softback ZETA 8.5 x 5.5 and....
It's a format I am more used to and remains quite rigid at this size and scans in an A4 scanner.
The paper is thicker so no wrinkling at all.
It lies flatter (imo) than the hardback version, so scanning is easy.
It's more affordable than the hardback version.
It's lighter than the hardback version so location work is going to be easier on my shoulder.
It is perfect!
I'm so pleased to have finally found a resolve for a daily journal. It's annoying having to go through version after version, never mind expensive, to find what you are after...I just want to sketch!
Thank you Stillman and Birn, you have answered my prayers!


Anonymous said...

I agree! I am still trying new books as they come out, but I adore the new soft backs in beta and zeta! Dee ludwig

Anita Davies said...

I have never tried Beta, may give that one a try next!