Saturday, April 29, 2017

Skeifs Row, Benwick, Cambridgeshire

Had to pop to a friend to collect something so thought I'd take my new 10x8 S&B Alpha journal and stop for a sketch along the way.
I am struggling to find a replacement for the W&N Ebony sketch books, that I have used for years, since the paper changed.
I read that Liz Steel likes this one so I thought it was worth a try.
I have used S&B before but always in hardback, was a little dubious about a soft cover sketchbook. It isn't as bad as I imagined actually. I do think it would be easier to manage in a smaller size though and scan. I've had to use this one landscape way up rather than go across the spread. So for me, it's not quite perfect in 10x8
The S&B paper is always a delight, colours remain so vibrant and move around nicely.
The softback is lighter, I can see the advantages of this on location and they are much more economical to the purse than the hardback version.
I've already ordered a Zeta in a smaller size and think that may solve my problem and be what I've been looking for.
Fingers crossed!!!

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