Saturday, March 04, 2017

Jacksons Watercolour Sketchbook

So as you may have read earlier in my blog, I've been experiencing problems with the sketchbook I use as my daily journal The WinsorNewton Ebony Hardback. The company have been really helpful, supplied me a stock of books to try and insist their paper hasn't changed....but it has! So, for me it is no longer suitable.
I'm heartbroken!...It ticked all my boxes
I've been trying to find a replacement and came across the Jacksons watercolour book. I thought it would be nice to work on 'proper' watercolour paper in my daily journal.
I have only tested one page but so far I have experienced extreme buckling and I'm not a huge sloppy washy type of gal!
The paper, while sized, is very thin and I wouldn't attempt to paint on the reverse of this page for fear of it seeping through or causing tears. Since I enjoy spreading my daily sketches across both sides of a spread I can't see it becoming a daily friend to me.

The book itself is quite heavy and the cloth cover is already showing trauma after one use in my home...not sure it would combat location well.

Above are the specs!

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