Wednesday, August 03, 2016


My latest Daler Rowney Ebony is not responding the way I am used to. The paper is super absorbant and reacting more like tissue paper. This has never happened before, I've been using these sketchbooks for ages. It feels different too, to touch, thinner.
I am gutted!
I love these books for many reasons and get through quite a lot of them in a year and generally order in batches to avoid big postage costs. Obviously, I am now worried about ordering a batch incase it's something new they have done with the paper that now doesn't suit my pen and wash activities.
I got in touch with Daler Rowney on messenger on 8th June and they put me in touch with their paper lab. I explained everything to Donna Richards who said she would look into it.
I was a little surprised she didn't offer to send me out another book to experiment on, the ebony are very reasonably priced and £5 would surely be a small price for DR to pay in order to keep a customer who orders at least 15 of these a year!
I rang Donna a few weeks ago and was told she was looking into it.
I rang Donna again this morning and no one was in the office
(Yes, you are quite right, she hasn't been in touch with me once since I originally spoke to her on the 9th June)
So, it would seem I need to find a different journal to work my daily sketches into.
I cannot understand bad customer service


La Table De Nana said...

Amy is great..

I totally understand your dispappointment.
Customer service is getting better and better in many places..obviously not here:(

Anita Davies said...

Thank you!
There has been last....and many apologies. They are finally sending me a book to test myself. Let's hope I just had a dodgy one!