Sunday, July 24, 2016

WWM - Day 24

I've had another palette alteration.
My entire palette is Daniel Smith watercolours.
I have added Sepia into my palette to try it out again. I purchased SEPIA a long time ago and haven't had it in my palette for some time...I'm giving it another bash!
UV was a very disappointing colour for me, I found it weak and hard to pick up on my brush once dried. CV is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
I've removed OPERA PINK...I am so sad to see it go as I've only just purchased a tube but I hadn't realised it wasn't lightfast and I do a lot of commission had to go! I'm hoping my QUIN PINKwill step in and be helpful in it's place.
I've added SODALITE GENUINE, again, a tube I purchased ages ago that I have never really experimented with, so I'm giving it a whirl...It is wonderfully granulating.
I've added MOONGLOW, had it ages, never really used it, thought why not. WOW...gorgeous colour and granulating too! Not sure how useful it will be...we'll see!
I am also looking to perhaps change my QUIN RED for either ORAGANIC VERMILLION which was in my last palette (I miss it) or QUIN VIOLET which looks amazing mixed with SODALITE GENUINE. It's quite different to QUINK PINK but not different enough for it to be in my palette.

I am also adding back in SERPENTINE GREEN but I am currently waiting for it to arrive. It's just such a handy 'go to' colour when I'm on location.
I have so many colours in full tubes that I've never really given a chance so I'm experimenting.
I have noticed a lot of newbies to watercolour over in the #worldwatercolormonth facebook group. A lot of them are experimenting with colours and brands so I thought I'd be helpful...

I am offering SIX newbies dot sheets (made by myself from a selection of DANIEL SMITH tubes)
I will choose from the new subscribers to my blog, and send out dot cards with 8 random colours on them
So, if you'd like to try some new colours, simply comment on this post and subscribe to this blog, that's FREE too..(you'll find it in the top right corner)


Nellpaints said...

i'm so glad you posted in Facebook otherwise I wouldn't have found your blog! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your paint samplers. (I'll be having my fingers crossed!) Looking forward to following your blog....

eunice said...

You're such an amazing artist!

La Table De Nana said...

I am loving this post as I am starting to create my dream palette..if ever there is one..
I bought Opera Rose..last week..and egads it's pink.
I am a novice Anita..
Looking for a perfect red..
I already have favorite far ..DS and some Senneliers..and I am certain less Senneliers because the gamme is harder to come in Canada.
I was at Sennelier in Paris in June ..but we had..maybe 20 minutes..could have been longer..they were closing for lunch but graciously accomodated us.
I loved the store.
And yes you are an amazing artist.

David said...

Hi Anita,
Firstly, I love your blog and have done for some time.
Have you tried Rhodonite genuine from Daniel Smith?
It's a proper drop dead gorgeous pink, which is quite different from Quin' Rose, and it is a really good mixer.
It's a Primatek colour made from natural rock, and I got it originally as I am studying for a Botanical Watercolour Diploma, and it ticks a lot of boxes. I would recommend it to anyone, and it is perfectly lightfast too.
Take care,

Anita Davies said...

Awww thank you Eunice!

Monique - The perfect palette eh? I think, just like art, favourites differ from artist to artist but I do think it's nice to mix it up from time to time. Sometimes when we do that we find something new and wonderful! ....and thank you!

David - So pleased to hear you enjoy my blog. I haven't tried the rhodonite genuine, although I do have other gorgeous 'rock' paints from the DS range. I will look into it...Thankyou!