Wednesday, June 08, 2016

New Palette

I have been using the same COMPACT PALETTE for six years now and I LOVE it!
It is just perfect in every way:
Reasonably priced
Lots of mixing space
Holds plenty of paint choices
Easy to clean
I carry this palette with me in my handbag EVERY day, it's been to the coast many times, Rome twice and Spain several times and it still looks brand new...It's amazing!
I ordered the large pan one and filled it with empty half pans before squeezing my colours in. You can see how I originally filled it HERE
I've made very few changes to my palette colours in that time and recently decided a change may do me good...Just to mix it up a little...I feel I've grown and I'd like a new more technical, transparent palette to go alongside my existing one. Also, I've been meaning to order another COMPACT just in case they stop making them or something silly like that!
So I ordered another COMPACT and some nice, new, juicy Daniel Smiths to fill it with. This time I went for the half pan model and squeezed the paint right into the wells direct.
Above is the sketch of how I have filled it so far.
* I added an extra pan for the Opera Pink I was deciding about
*I'm still deciding what to add next to the Opera Pink to even things out. Serpentine Green perhaps?
*I've omitted Yellow Ochre...a bit of a daring move for me!
*I had to keep a little Buff Titanium for those times where cream is needed...I couldn't help myself!
*I'd forgotten I wasn't keen on DS Burnt Sienna until I'd ordered and squeezed it into the palette, it's so FLAT. I do however LOVE the Quin Sienna and will probably not refill the BS after I've used it up, replacing it with the QS completely.
* Anthraquinoid Scarlet is new to me and replaces Organic Vermillion from my old set up. It's a delicious colour, I love it!
*When I squeezed Ultramarine Violet from the tube to make this chart I loved it but since it's dried in my palette I'm finding it hard to get a good amount of pigment on my brush? May replace with Amethyst Genuine, that looks delicious. Anyone tried it?
Indanthrene Blue....ahhhhh....what a colour!!!
*Jadeite Genuine is a full tube I had sitting around that I've never really used
*Cobalt Teal is new to me...No excuse, I just liked it and went for it!
Mang Blue Hue is my replacement for cerulean. I've never been a Cerulean fan but I absolutely LOVE this colour!
*Hansa Yellow Light is new to me too and a perfect 'lemon' for me, not much of a lemon yellow user. The HYL is a tad warmer than lemon but lacks enough red to be useful in it's place.
*I changed Aliz crimson with PERM. Aliz Crimson....What a difference! It's like velvet in a tube!!!
*Although slightly different Opera Rose and Quin Pink are similar and after the initial fill is gone I'm not sure I'd replace Quin Pink. I keep hearing things about Transparent Pyrrol Orange, maybe I'll give that a run.
Along with my Lamy Safari fountain pens(of which I have many and have NEVER cleaned, yet they still work perfectly even after being left for months at a time in a drawer), this is the best art material purchase I've ever made.

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