Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I sketched this self portrait last night while watching TV, then, this morning I was thinking about Soul Art and what it might mean before coming online to check it out (This is my first soul art day) and while concentrating on that thought I added to the sketch, just allowing my thoughts to transfer through my pen.
While I realise I didn't part take in the traditional way (I still haven't read or downloaded the guide) I just watched the intro video and do believe that the result was as it should be. This piece digs deep into my inner self and explains so much to me. It is so personal, so honest!
After reading it for quite some time and digesting it's many messages I feel quite excited about the introduction of Soul Art into my work.
Thank you to Laura Hollick for the connection.


Margaret Ann said...

Mmmm...A lovely spread, Anita...lots of lovely layers of thought to peer into.

I am off to check out the Soul Art website myself...;)

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Margaret