Thursday, March 10, 2016

1 Hour Oil Session

1 hour session
I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful studio in my home but apart from commission work I have barely used it for art as I got consumed with my location sketching. In the past two years I've created little of anything that I can show you...the odd journal entry....the odd commission...but my mind has been turning, churning, evaluating, aching.
I recently got a new computer which allowed me to blog again and, on familiarising myself with my blog I found this quote from myself back in 2007 when I used oil paint for the first time in my life
"I had so much fun, I love how the paints seem to 'live and breath' staying workable and maintaining a luxurious glisten that produces a character and beauty all of it's own."
I sounded passionate, that appealed to me!
Everything I ever created in oil can be found HERE
On observation I can see I worked on a very small surface and I was somehow nervous of the medium, I think I actually made the whole process more complicated in my mind than it perhaps should have been; all the different mediums, layers etc. ...I got a little baffled!
I recently decided I would play with portraiture in my spare time, I enjoy portraiture and it's this I mean experiment! Choosing a subject as an annual challenge works for me because it gives me a fail safe subject for those awful times when I want to create but don't know what to paint and spend the free time I do have trying to decide!
So, long story long (lol), here is my first 1 hour session with oils using a sketch I made recently from a DVD still on the TV.
Working primarily in watercolour and acrylic, oils feel so different, they stay wet and that brings with it new adventures and lots of mistakes.
I have an aim, in my mind a picture has been painted a thousand times before I go to sleep, as I wait at the check out, as I drive my car. An aim is important, I need to know where I'm heading, what I'm hoping for so I can strive towards could take a while!
Original sketch, on canvas, using markers

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