Tuesday, February 02, 2016


You know that feeling right?
The nagging little voice that won't give you peace as the clock ticks it's way past the eleventh hour and you begin to realise that another day is passing where you have been artistically idle. You excuse yourself mentally, all the time knowing there is no excuse....but you're home, it's late, there is nothing to sketch!!!!
Yup, this is the result of one of those nights!
I'm pleased with it!
Not because it's an artistic masterpiece, not because I climbed a fence to get to my desired spot and not because I ran out of water and produced the whole thing on watercolour and spit!
I'm pleased with it simply because I didn't need it to be an artistic masterpiece, I didn't get off my sofa, I utilised a half drunk glass someone left on the lounge table but mostly because none of that made me skip another days sketching.
Imagination is just the most convenient location isn't it!


Jo Castillo said...

My kind of sketching! Good for you! Beautiful, too.

Anita Davies said...

Thanks Jo