Sunday, April 13, 2014

Church Street, March, Cambridgeshire UK

A view across the graveyard while waiting for Harry to come out of school


Unknown said...

You r amazing Anita, inspiring and truly amazing. You range is incredible and your sense of color is impeccable. There are few artists that can emulate your style, I am really happy I found this blog which I got to thru a Google image search using "noodling doodling drawing' as my search text.

I will be poking around to see what else i can find out about you and your work. I am hoping that you offer classes that are close enough for me to attend. I see That Nyc and West Palm are your studio locations, i live outside Philadelphia but we also have a place down in the Keys (key colony beach) so it seems you are close enough. If you can point in a direction to find out more about your work and possibly even meet via a class or some other forum that you use I would appreciate it.

I have looked at well over a 100 different artists blogs and probably own 50 or more books on subjects like pen and ink, drawing and watercolors and I can say that only a few artists have stood out enough for me to pursue finding out more about them and their work - you definitely fit into that category.

Some of your watercolor work just explodes, even the scanned image u r using for the blog! Seeing this kind of range in topics and media really inspires me, u r just incredible....

Thanks for keeping up your blog, it is such an awesome place to see and read about your work, it now in my reference bookmarks for artists so I'll be back frequently as I start from the beginning and try to catch up -:) looking forward to doing that....

Thanks again Anita.

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

This is awesome! I just love old places like this! So much history! I agree, thanks for keeping up your blog and keeping me inspired! :)