Friday, May 24, 2013

Roma-Day2-BreakFast Room

4 by Anita Davies
4, a photo by Anita Davies on Flickr.
The view from our little sun room in the breakfast room at Hotel Residenza Antica Roma. Heavy walking day planned Piazza Del Popolo first with a walk up the steps to see the view I've heard about from Pincio Hill (I didn't get here on my last visit), then onto the Vatican for our long tour and across the Sant'Angelo bridge onto Piazza Navona for dinner (Somewhere else I didn't see on my last trip in 2012) Very exciting! The getleman at reception urged us not to try it all in one day, saying it was TOO MUCH walking....we did it, we proved him wrong...Ha!....Hurt like hell by the end tho'.... LOL!


Joan Tavolott said...

I like how you've included the map and the bill with your wonderful sketch!

Unknown said...

ha ha ha sounds like you had a great trip!